Love is loyalty, my Panlix heart
Thomas Sangster Autograph

Thomas Sangster Autograph


So I was a bit curious about what Once Upon a Time’s Peter Pan would look like as a Disney character.  Not sure if he’s been drawn before so I just went for it.

I might draw Baelfire later. :X


so i was looking for cute little Peter Pan things Henry could have and i was hoping making cute headcanons as well buT THEN I CAME ACROSS THIS AND imageWHAT IF HENRY HAD THIS ON HANGING ON HIS SET OF KEYS WHILE HE WAS LIVING IN NEW YORK I AM NOT OKAY RIGHT NOW image

theheartoftheking :

Felix e Peter = OTP

theheartoftheking :

Felix e Peter = OTP

If what you’re saying is true, then you were lucky to escape her.

neverlander-inthe-tardis :

Così è tornato Rumple ma Pan non è .. la prego di dirmi che non sono l’unico che è arrabbiato per questo


They are really running out with this family tree.

Am I the only person who, even at the very last minute of the episode, clung on to the hope that Pan would make an appearance?

sogno-ombra :

          Tenere le mani sopra la mia testa
           e spingere la mia faccia nel letto
                Perché sono un  [ [s c r e a m e r ] ] bambino, mi fanno un muto
                si mette la mano sul mio collo e sentire il polso